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Full text of "Southeast Perspective, Southeast Conference, United Church of Christ, May 1998"

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Southeast Perspective 


Clergy Alerts 

The Conference is lookii^ for a volunteer to 
serve as Resource Librarian, managingthe 
Atlanta-based Conference Resource Center on 
a maii-lending basis. The position requires a 
commitment of four to eight hours each month, 
maintaining the Center's lending activity. 

The 1998 Southeast Women's Retreat will 
be held November 20-22 at Shocco Springs 
Conference Center in Talladega, Alabama un- 
derthe theme, God'sAmistad — Aninvitation 
to the Table. 

AUCC Physicians Fellowship is being es- 
ablished. Interested physicians should 
send name, address, phone(s), fiix and e-mail 
addresses to the Conferaice office. 

nnieMeAy&'///i Gathering on Health Care will 
Xbe held in Memphis, May 3-5. If you're 
interested in attending, call the Conference of- 
fice for details. 

fci^stration information for the following 
J^P^&eesi ir available from the Confer- 
ence office — 

• May 22-25 in Port Orchard, Washington; 
a retreat for men. Breaking Down Barriers 
and Overcoming Distrust. Call Rev. Arthur 
Cribbs at 216/ 736 2201 for info. 

• June 10-11 in York, PA; Ecumenical Vi- 
sion, the Mercersburg Convocation and 
Forum. Call 717/ 848 1775 for info. 

• My 13-17 at Columbia Theological Semi- 
nary: The Transition from Seminary to the 
FirstParisk. CaU 404/687 4562 for info. 

• f|^g^3-6, 1999 in Chicago: Faith Od- 
yssey, an experience for church educators, 
pastors, and educational leaders. 

IMniGS Office: 800/807 »83 

Church & Ministry Committees Gather 

The Church and Ministry Committees serving the four 
Associations of the Southeast Conference gathered for a retreat with 
Rev. Gene Kraus of the Office for Church Life and LeadersMp on 
March 6-7. The purpose of the retreat was to review the ways in 
which the groups can collaborate more fully across the Conference. 

The groups agreed that the following things could be done 
together — 

• develop guidelines for clergy compensation, and put 
thc^'g^^^elines^kto the hands of all congregations and 

• conduct a written periodic review for all people holding 
Ministerial Standing in the Southeast Conference 

• distribute scholarship money to deserving candidates who 
are In-Care in the Conference, and who hold church 
membership in a church in the Southeast Conference 
develop continued education events and clergy retreats 

• develop a retreat for non-parish clergy 

• conduct a recognition for all In-Care students at the 
Aimual Meeting of the Conference 

• establish career and psychological reviews, and 
evaluations for all candidates who are entering In-Care 
status, or for all clergy from other denominations who 
wish to transfer to the United Church of Christ. 

The four association Church and Ministry Committees look 
forward to developing these and other opportunities for cooperation 
in the coming months. 

Covenant for Renewal Team Begins Training 

February 8-9, fifteen clergy and laity gathered in Chattanooga 
to be trained as Leaders for the Covenant for Renewal program. 
The retreat was led by John Mingus, our interim Conference Asso- 
ciate for Congregational Renewal and Development. Those gath- 
ered spent time together identifying needs in congregations of the 
Southeast Conference, and ways in which the Team can reaeh out to 
congregations by inviting th^ to join the Covenant. 

The mission statement of Covenant for Renewal team is 
God is calling us to work within the framework of our cov- 
enants, to support the renewal of the churches of the South- 
east Conference as they seek to be and to do aU that God 
created th^ to be and to do. 

The Conference wilfit^Siihle teams of people to guide congre- 
gations as they identify their vision, and then find ways to move 
toward God's future for then- congregation. The Covenant for Re- 
newal wiU be ah invitation for congregations to grow in the ways 
that they believe God is calling them to grow, and to join in a cov- 
enant of mutual supportjwth. other ^i^g^gation^^ with the South- 
east Conference, ^ifS'^'fe<Jod^ ""'^^^^^^^^^ 

John Mingus will introduce the Covenant for Renewal m a work- 
shop at the Annual Meeting, June 12-14. ■.- : . 



• Eleanor G. Scovill, wife of Donald 
Scovill for57years, inNovember. 

• Bob Peepies, pastor emeritus of 
Pleasant HiU Commimity Ghuich 


• Chris and LomaHester, from ayouth 
trip van accident in March. (No one 
was seriously hurt - sorry we missed 
this last month.) 


• United Congregational, LaGrange 
(OA) voted 25-10-2 to withdraw 
from the United Church of Christ 

• Pilgrimage UCC, Marietta voted to 
become ^en & AfiSrming 


• Cheri Lovell, May 24 at Central 
Congregational in Atlanta 

Board Highlights 

The Board of Directors of the Southeast Conference met 
on January 9, and took the following actions: 

• Received with regret the resignations of Nancy Donny 
and Dan Rosemergy from Board membership 

• Elected Budd Friend-Jones to the Chair of the 
Commission on Chm-ch and Ministry, and Milton Hurst 
to the Chair of the Commissionbn Church Development 
and Evangelism _ 

• Appointed Arthuf-I36ml3y of Atlanta as Conference 

• Authorized establishment of a Scholarship Committee 

• Increased the Conference contribution to National 
. OCWM to a total of S20,000 for 1998 

• Acted to transfer S5,000 from the Visions '91 Campaign, 
plus up to $2,000 from the remainmg balance at the end 
of 1 998, to the work of the Allen Retreat Center 

• Received a report that the Conference is working with 
the Board for Homeland Ministries to explore tiie feasi-; 
bility of an African- American church start in Atlanta 

• Received a report that no more funding is being pro- 
vided to Covenant Church in Columbia, SC 

Complete Annual Meeting schedule and reservation infor- 
mation is included in a pull-out section in the Spring issues 
of Southeast News. 

1888 BCWM Contributions to dato 

as of March 31, 1998 

Aladama - TannessBB AssBciatlen 

Birmingham, First Congregational $ 2,500. 

Birmin^am, Pilgrim Congregational UCC 1,626. 

Chattanooga, Pilgrim Congregational UCC 2,496. 

Crossville, Grace Community UCC 600. 

Crossville, United Christian Church UCWF 1 50. 

Deer Lodge Congi egalional UCC 300. 

Fairfield Glade Community Church 950. 

Garden City Congregational Christian 1 25 . 

Montgomery, Community Congregational UCC 2,850. 

Nashville, First United Church of Christ 1250. 

Nashville, Howard Congregational UCC 1 00. 

PleasantHillGommunityChurchUCC 4,758. 

UnitedChurchofHuntsviUe 1,950. 


$ 19,655. 

South Alabama - Narthwsst Florida Aaaosilatldn 

Brantley, Liberty Congregational $ 100. 


$ 100. 

Gsflrgla - South Carolina Assoolatlou 

Atlanta, Central Congregational UCC 
Atlanta, RushMemorial Congregational UCC 
Charleston, Circular Congregational UCC 
Jonesboro^ampton, Trinity UCC 
Marietta, Pilgrimage UCC 

$ 7,900. 


TOTAL GA-SC $11,148. 

East Alabama - West Goorgia Assoolatlou 

Lanett Congregational Christian UCC S 
Pine Mountain, Oak Grove Congreg- Christian 
Roanoke, New Hope Congregatioiial Christian 
Roanoke, North Main Congregationai Christian 
Wadley, Corinth Christian . 
Woodbury, Jones Chapel Uni|BdGcmgsrBg.G^ - ~ 






$ 3,261. 

Conference Clips 

Is it tune-up time for your marriage? Bill and Amy Chew are 
offering a Marriage Encounter Weekend inHuntsville, AL June 
5-7. If you want to put a spark back into your relationship, call 
the Chews for more information. Infeti^tipn is not reserved 
forthe young! Call 256/882 3727 6fe-maii:w^b%^^m.c^^ 

Have crafts, books, bumper stickers or buttons you'd like to 
display or sell at the Annual Meeting? Space is available for 
"boutique" and informational tables -just call Gerry Hudson 
in the Conference office to request a reservation. 

Thanks to the efforts of the Southeast Disaster Relief initiative 
and other groups, memb^s of burned church Oak Grove OME 
Church in Birmingham broke ground for their new building site on 
March I. 

• The AIDS Nationallnterfaith 
Network has published a 56- 
page report on how American 
faith communities respond to 
the AIDS epidemic. Copies 
are available for $5 - call 212/ 
842 0010. 

• The story oftheUCC's global 
ministries is told in an excel- 
lent video, Sharing Life in 
Christ. For a copy, call 800/ 
325 7061 ($15). A variety of 
other UCBWM materials and 
study guides are available in 
the Conference office. 

• The Justice & Peace Ministry 
offers materials for its monthly 
Action Issues. TheA^ril/May 
issue is Global Warming. Call 
216/736 2178 for information. 

• The UCBHM offers materials 
especially designed to support 
youth ministry leaders, fryou 
would like a packet or infor- 
mation, call Gordon Svoboda 
at 216/736 3800. 

• Interested in establishing a re- 
lationship with a missionary? 
Contact Sandra Rooney at the 
UCBWM, 216/736 3208: 

• The Mercersburg Society has 
published papers from its 1997 
forum. A copy is available in 
fte Conference office. ■ 

• Authority and the Church, a 
working document from the 

Confessing Christ Steering 
Committee, is available from 
the Conference office. , 

New education/Sunday 
School resources are available 
from United Church Press. If 
you haven't received a packet 
of materials, call 800/537 

The United Church Insurance 
Board may be able to decrease 
your church's msurance costs, 
while improving your overall 
coverage! The Board will of- 
fer a workshop at the Annual 
Meeting ~ in the meantime, in- 
formation is available from the 
Conference office. 

Congregations, the journal of 
the AJban Institute, is available 
in the Conference office each 

Copies of "The Relationship of 
Standing to Faith and Order m 
the UCC," remarks delivered 
by Bill Hulteen at a February 
conference, are available from 
the Conference office. 

A new video, Restructuring: 
A UCC Town Hall, answers 
questions related to the 
denomination's restructuring 
in 2000. In addition, a work- 
shop about the church's big 
transition will be held at the 
Annud Meeting m June. 


The United Church of Christ has established 
a Formula of Agreement with the Presbyte- 
rian Church USA that will enable our de- 
nominations to be in fiiU communion. A 
festival service will be held on October 4, 
1998 in Chicago 

The UCC is also in conversation with the 
Alliance of Baptists - an alliance of indi- 
viduals and churches dedicated to the pres- 
ervation of historic Baptist principles, free- 
doms, and traditions. 

The American Bible Society is committing 
$5 million to an Internet service, setting 
aside a free Web page for each of North 
America's estimated 300,000 churches and 
congregations. Check out the ABS church 
^[B .^SJj^ 

Cellular telephone companies have discov- 
ered a new way to hide their ugly antenna 
towers - put then inside church steeples! 
Wellesley (Wage) Congregational UCC in 
MA earn $72,000 each year from "steeple 

On March 8, the re-creation of the slave 
ship Amistad began vwth a keel-laying cer- 
emony in Mystic Seaport, CT. The 
UCBHM has pledged $225,000 for this 
important maritime project. When com- 
pleted in 2000, the 81-foot, $3.1-million 
wooden schooner will serve as a jHoating 
classroom on race relations. 

Empty 35mm film canisters are finding new 
life in Rhode Island as shampoo containers 
for the homeless. Check with your local 
Traveler's Aide to see if they have a similar 
project in your area. 

The UCC Scripture Project has received an 
overwhehning response — more than 1,650 
local congregations are participating in the 
Bible study and sun^ey. The results of the 
project will be published as a report to the 
UCC's General Synod in 1999. 

Have you check out the UCC website 
lately? It has lectionaiy resources for pas- 
tors and lay leaders (Samuel), ecumenical 
info and links, pages on 'What We Believe," 
a database of UCC churches and more. To 
find the page, jixsi type m 

APR 24-25 Conference Board of Directors Meeting 
Central Congregational UCC, Atlanta 

MAY 1 South Alabama/Northwest Florida Leaders Meeting 

time and location to be announced 

MAY 1 Annual Reports due 

to Southeast Conference office 

MAY 2 Georgia/South Carolina Church & Ministry Committee 

Pilgrimage UCC, Marietta 

MAY 5 South Dekalb Search Committee Meeting 

First Congregational, Birmingham 

JUNE 12-14 Southeast Conference Annual Meeting 

Simpsonwood Retreat Center, Atlanta 


7 -9:30pm 

UCG polity course with Tun Downs and Dan Sack at Columbia Theologica] Seminary (Although no 
academic credit is offered, course counts for ordination polity reqmrement.) 

BJOUipuBOjui Buimm muuM saiepUn SMam